CEA is a persona-based, console driven, smartphone platform that increases engagement, self-management and support to staff and volunteers in the community
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What's CEA?

CEA is our name for your new Community Engagement App.  Don’t you call it CEA though, call it Dynamo, Dynamic or even Dynamite – call it anything that works for your organization!  Make it something exciting that tells your staff you care about people and that you understand you are just one part of their busy lives.  Show you know if people need information about you or want to engage with your systems, they want to do it now. They want to do it in one minute using the smartphone in their pocket, not later tonight on a laptop.   

We recently deployed smartphone solutions for Corrections offenders in the community. Yes, there’s a point to this story!  We wanted to reduce reoffending and provide busy staff dashboard access to information they needed to reduce reoffending and make our communities safer.

We then stood back and looked at where else the technology could be employed - and have already commenced discussions with Defence, Education and other large volunteer organisations.  We want to speed up ways mobile solutions can improve the way people share information.


Why use a Smartphone?

Look around you right now.  If there are more than four people near you, at least one is probably looking at his or her phone… and if they aren’t, they probably did just before they saw you looking! 

Researchers tell us Americans check their phone once every 12 minutes – burying their heads in their phones 80 times a day.  It’s your call whether Aussies are the same, but we’re picking we’re all pretty similar.

How can CEA work for me?

CEA works by drawing on proven business tools that provide immediate communication and calendar functions, adding access to critical information, useful links and welfare checking that can trigger a support network.  It is simple and intuitive, it needs no training.    If you understand the screenshots below, you’re done. Training, tick! 


Give me an example

There’s no black magic here.  Let’s assume you are an organisation with volunteers.  CEA can let your people see your activity intentions, your policies and procedures, your checklists and any other essential documents.  They can even access material on the job! 


CEA can let people tell you they are attending training, meetings or other events, or that they can no longer make it.  It lets you know when they know, not when (read if) they remember to tell you! 

CEA can provide links to other organisations that help people manage situations.  It can be your EAP, crisis or helplines, or a link to well-being organisations you might recommend or subsidise.  Or even advertisers that might be offering your team a special deal! 

CEA can generate welfare checks asking if people are all right, it can ask and record responses to other questions like have you read a particular policy or have you been harassed.  These might not be for everyone, but the functionality to ask a question and get an unfiltered reply is there. 

CEA can share information with supporters and trigger action.  If someone is unhappy, it can initiate an early engagement. If you have a duty of care, CEA may help.

Is there a dollar benefit to all this?

Retaining good staff saves money.  Research consistently tells us poor communication is a top-three issue.  Giving people the tools to communicate with you and immediately access the material you probably already have, but is hard to find, is a win-win scenario.  And if you’re not sure it’ll work for your team, do a short pilot to prove or disprove it.  Measure churn before and after.  Numbers don’t lie and user feedback will be very quick!   

Encourage feedback and ask for innovation.  People that work for you or with you know best what they do and how it can be done better.  Put in place a simple way of letting them tell you.  Which bit of that won’t save you money?

What do I do next?

If you want to know more about CEA, be you government, private sector or an NGO, please contact us.  We know no one buys anything like this off a web site.  We will come to you, explain what we have done, what we are doing in pilots and programs, and what we intend to do.  If your organisation shares our vision for fearless innovation and great staff outcomes give us a call!