24 April 2020

Anzac Day 2020


Lest we forget

Our Mentum Systems staff, together with our sister companies, Optimation NZ and Presto in New Zealand, stand together in remembrance of those fallen in the line of duty. We thank all who have served and those that continue to serve today with dedication and professionalism.

We value the work you do, and we appreciate the opportunity to help support our clients across the National Security community.

We draw your attention to https://diggerstribute.com.au/.  Diggers Tribute is a site dedicated to supporting Australian veterans and military history. In response to the COVID-19 emergency the site has been activated to support veteran charities that cannot fundraise in the lead-up to Anzac Day.  Links are available to donate to reputable charities including the Returned and Services League of Australia, Legacy, Soldier On, Mates4Mates, Vietnam Veteran Association of Australia, National Servicemen’s Association Australia, Young Diggers, Wounder Heroes Australia, and the Royal Australia Regiment Association.