Royal Australian Navy/CASG

Strategic partnering achieves on-time maintenance performance and reduces meeting prep time by 99%!

Following the destructive Cyclone Yasi in 2011, the critical Royal Australian Navy ship HMAS Tobruk was unexpectedly unavailable at this time of crisis. A top-level review found the key causes to this failure to be systemic issues, including a lack of information sharing and visibility of risk between the Navy and CASG (the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group, whose responsibility it is to meet the Australian Defence Force's military equipment and supply requirements). CASG Enterprise Risk and Navy Headquarters set out to address these systemic issues by finding a lateral solution that could help reduce the risk of maritime assets not being available when required by Chief of Navy.

Working collaboratively with our clients, Mentum Systems developed and implemented a new management framework to support the strategic partnering between Navy, CASG, and now with Industry; this framework focuses on the interdependent mission all parties collaborate to achieve.

An interdependent view of risk has been integrated, to provide vertical and horizontal visibility of risk between Navy and CASG, addressing the management perspectives of each organisation. This framework has been translated into an ‘enterprise strategic partnering management system’, which is now being rolled out to all maintenance units within the Maritime Systems Division (MSD) of CASG.


The resulting “Interdependent Mission Management System” (IMMS) is now part of the overall Defence solution to enable partnering, and the joint management of interdependent sustainment (repairs, maintenance, fuel and explosive ordnance, etc.) risks. It provides visibility of any sustainment ‘blind spots’ that exist, because information may be known to one organisation but not the other.

Our solution allows leaders from both organisations to understand the implications of their decisions on the delivery of Defence capability. It also enables the proactive identification and management of risks.

To get to this transformational solution, we worked with CASG and Navy to define an innovative concept to challenge the limited contract management relationship between them. Recognising that introducing new and challenging management concepts would be received with opposition, we developed a production ready prototype, through which we brought the concept to life and used this to demonstrate the need and benefit. Following this approach, we received full support from Chief of Navy to implement the solution into production.

Since 2013 we have supported the ongoing development and support of the IMMS solution. It has matured from a contract management risk tool, into a comprehensive governance support system that enables Maritime Systems Division to monitor and manage risks against their objectives (both organisational and interdependent).

The key outcome has been improved business performance in terms of on-time maintenance, defect reduction, and efficiency dividends of over $9M in one area alone.The use of the IMMS collaborative management solution has resulted in significant staff productivity savings, with preparation for one regular meeting reduced from 600 hours to 3 per meeting!

These benefits have been achieved through improved decision-making capability gained through clarity and shared understanding of actionable risk management information, powered by the Mentum Systems solution.

“The real big benefit Mentum Systems brings to the table is being able to articulate the way the business works in a really straightforward way that I’ve never seen anybody else be able to do.“

AIRCDRE (Retd), Royal Australian Air Force, former Director General Strategy & Planning – AF

“IMMS is used to present a shared and dynamic view of risk to Navy and our own business units. IMMS captures key data and provides visibility of sustained risk reduction activity relating to achieving capability outcomes.“

Rear Admiral Adam Grunsell, Head of Maritime Systems, CASG