Royal Australian Air Force

Helping Air Force to align operational and tactical activities to strategy.

In 2012, Air Commander Australia (ACAUST) faced a pressing need to address how strategy shaped and aligned operational and tactical activities. At the time, Air Command’s leadership team had been working to improve strategic clarity and alignment across the organisation, which then consisted of 13,000 staff and seven dispersed organisation units. This was in response to a background of competing project priorities and goals, an inability for some to define and assess priorities, and the need to respond to identifying and implementing significant efficiency gains.

Mentum Systems helped Air Command to deliver an accelerated change program and a significant re-think of existing processes. Through the rapid and iterative development of a new capability management solution (ACCF), we helped our client build a broader user community, with transparent access to information.

The ‘ACCF’ solution created an integrated view of Air Force capability. It also provides a consistent context of strategic guidance, priorities, and risk. The solution improves decision-making by integrating collaboration, information management, and decision support functionality.

This project was Air Command’s first experience in using an agile development approach; this was key to accelerating change, as an initial production instance went live in just six weeks, with full data migration completed in 16 weeks. The agile approach allowed new functionality to be prioritised to address emerging business needs and resistance to change.

ACCF delivered significant enhancements to information transparency. It has helped maintain line of sight of strategy, and what others are doing to support the same. Besides decommissioning an expensive legacy system, our solution enabled Air Command to reduce the required data managers from 25 full time equivalent staff to just four!

The solution has continued to evolve, and an open and collaborative agile approach with our Air Command client has enabled us to deliver prioritised functionality to agreed timeframes and budget since 2012.

2018 represents the fifth year of us supporting this solution, during which a broader and richer context of information has been included to successfully support decision making across the scope of managing Air Force’s capability systems.

“The real big benefit Mentum Systems brings to the table is being able to articulate the way the business works in a really straightforward way that I’ve never seen anybody else be able to do.“

AIRCDRE (Retd), Royal Australian Air Force, former Director General Strategy & Planning – AF

“IMMS is used to present a shared and dynamic view of risk to Navy and our own business units. IMMS captures key data and provides visibility of sustained risk reduction activity relating to achieving capability outcomes.“

Rear Admiral Adam Grunsell, Head of Maritime Systems, CASG