Joint Operations Command

Increasing situation awareness across the strategic and operational levels of command

CDF and CJOPS required greater situational awareness than existing command support systems could deliver, across the strategic and operational levels of command and management of ADF Operations and Defence activities. 

Working with Joint Operations Command (JOC), we uncovered the various ways the department thinks about external threats and how to address them – all of which are hidden in hundreds of pages of strategic documents. It’s critical to be able to connect the “right” dots between the task at hand and the strategic guidance against which JOC needs to respond. We designed a conceptual framework that integrated the various ways of thinking and then delivered a collaborative management information system that reinforces a shared way to think and connect the dots across various sources of information.

Using an agile design thinking approach we delivered a number of releases to align and support the business change program.  With CJOPS’ support, JOC introduced innovations to theatre operations planning and the integration of risk within these plans. The solution, JOConnect, was extended into the management of the JOC enterprise to improve CJOPS’ situational awareness across all aspects of the enterprise.

The implementation of the solution was viewed as a key enabler to stimulate new thinking and to the match the evolving set of requirements and change management challenges. Not only has the solution improved clarity for decision making, it has also generated staff productivity gains across all levels of the organisation. In some cases, meeting duration was reduced from 4 to 1.5hrs.


“The real big benefit Mentum Systems brings to the table is being able to articulate the way the business works in a really straightforward way that I’ve never seen anybody else be able to do.“

AIRCDRE (Retd), Royal Australian Air Force, former Director General Strategy & Planning – AF

“IMMS is used to present a shared and dynamic view of risk to Navy and our own business units. IMMS captures key data and provides visibility of sustained risk reduction activity relating to achieving capability outcomes.“

Rear Admiral Adam Grunsell, Head of Maritime Systems, CASG