At Mentum Systems we are driven by the importance we place on our clients’ roles in keeping Australia safe. This worthy purpose fuels our genuine desire to integrate human intelligence and our unique blend of smart technology to deliver enduring solutions that make an impact.

Consultants, Architects and Developers - a diverse team

Our goal is to bring value to each engagement with our clients. To achieve this, we value diversity in our team – diversity in thinking, in style, team makeup, age and all things that define us as people.

Our consultants need to lead, challenge paradigms and develop new ways of thinking. They need to design solutions with clients, and with our own architects and developers.Our consultants need to help clients realise the change, not be limited to producing documents.

Our architects and developers play a key role in the bringing the solutions to life. They use industry best of breed development and architectural environments to do this.

We need our consultants, architects and developers to contribute to future consulting and technical product direction and development.

Our approach incorporates the best of agile, design thinking and software development methodologies. Through this, expect to gain to exposure to clients at all levels and be challenged to share your own ideas. Your opinion matters!

Ways to work with us

We recognise that today’s knowledge professionals need flexibility in the way they work, so we offer three different ways to work with us: permanent (full-time, part-time), pre-qualified contractors (first refusal on projects and participation in knowledge sharing activities) and contractors.

Flexible working

Our flexible working approach is guided by our need to build and maintain teaming and physical and emotional connections. We encourage and support our people to establish ways to work that support both the team and our individual needs. We use a variety of tools to help make this happen.

Win-win agreements

We focus on establishing a win-win agreement with you. It’s crucial that we understand what you are looking to achieve and use this to guide your development and access to paid training. We don’t have annual performance reviews – we prefer regular check-ins to discuss and work towards achieving your win-win.

What the team thinks - this is how our team describes our culture: We innovate solutions to solve problems by adapting and responding to the marketing. We are empathetic to our clients and we are about our people - having mutual respect, feeling valued. We trust in each other and in our abilities. We are open to new perspectives and we think outside the box. Learning never stops, failure is OK and not knowing is OK. We appreciate that everyone is learning.
We merge skill sets, ideas and opinions: everyone has a voice. Diversity is key: the sum of the parts is greater than the whole - filling each other’s knowledge gaps. We work together, getting the right people together. We expect the best from each other and everyone in our team wants to be the best. Everyone steps up to get the job done. We work flexibly with an outcome focus. We focus on constant improvement so that we can deliver greater value faster. We are brave, courageous, fearless, and audacious. We box above our weight.
“At the heart of it, Mentum Systems is about building things, delivering on what we promise, making things happen, and doing this in a better way, and that’s why we are an emergent disruptor in our market.“

Petar Bielovich, General Manager, Mentum Systems

“One thing that still surprises me about the role is…how quickly I was given responsibility to think outside the box, design something for a client, and build it. That makes me feel really empowered.“

Graduate Developer, Mentum Systems