We know our business success depends on our ability to recruit and nurture world class talent, and we are committed to growing this talent right here in Australia. That’s why the professional development of our people is integral to our practice structure and to the way we operate at every level of our business.

Our practices are "by us, for us"

As one of our team, you’ll take an active role in practice development, help set the agenda, and contribute to the creation of methods and tools. Strong leadership and our unique approach, ‘The Mentum Systems Way’, will give you the guidance, tools, and processes you need to do a great job on every job.


Expect your manager to take an active role in helping you identify and nurture your talents and skills, and to chart a strong career path. We have a dedicated People and Culture Manager who sits on the leadership team, and a framework for professional development and career planning. KPIs for all managers include metrics for learning and development, culture, and staff engagement.

Stay at the global forefront

We foster a culture of lifelong learning that will enable you to continuously upskill and professionalise through internal coaching and mentoring, and through participation in industry events, seminars, and training courses. In addition, our practice leaders and subject matter experts run regular in-house sessions to share information and insights. We provide financial and other support (for example, time out in order to study) for you to pursue industry and professional certifications.


Varied experiences for stronger foundation

We value collaboration and will encourage you to build knowledge across all our practices by involving you in a variety of client projects and internal practice development activities. Rather than being limited to a single technology area or knowledge silo, you’ll be enabled to become a flexible and experienced ‘specialised generalist’. This means you’ll be able to build a solid foundation for on-going career growth as technologies, best practices, and client business needs change.

All skill levels needed

For people who are joining us fresh from tertiary study and full of enthusiasm, we ensure you’re on a steep learning curve through mentoring/support and role rotation so you get a flavour for each practice we operate and a variety of challenging work opportunities. For people who are newer to the industry or who may be seeking to update aging skills, our flexible approach also provides a safe and structured way to ‘try on’ different roles and consider alternative professional directions or career paths.


“One thing that still surprises me about the role is…how quickly I was given responsibility to think outside the box, design something for a client, and build it. That makes me feel really empowered.“

Graduate Developer, Mentum Systems

“At the heart of it, Mentum Systems is about building things, delivering on what we promise, making things happen, and doing this in a better way, and that’s why we are an emergent disruptor in our market.“

Petar Bielovich, General Manager, Mentum Systems